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Thanks for screwing us,

An incident with has been nagging at me ever since we got back from my brother's wedding that I haven't talked about because I just wasn't ready to deal with it. Now I am.

We stayed at a condo which was fine in every respects in SC from Friday til Monday morning, 10/19/12 - 10/22/12. Saturday night, we had the privilege of finding about 20 insect eggs of some sort and its larvae burrowed in the carpet of our bedroom, concentrated in the closet where we had a little bed set up for Kiddo. Hubs called the owner, who stuttered that she had a pest control service and sort of apologized. Hubs asked if she had any other properties we could stay at. She said no, you can try some hotels in the area.

Monday morning she called right before we left and said pest control was coming back to spray. She apologized over the phone to me. I knew she wouldn't be able to get an exterminator out over the weekend, which sucked, but that's life.

Her contract was brief, but stated that she didn't give refunds of any sort. I was well aware of this. but Hubs and I decided to just try to work out a resolution directly with the owner. If she doesn't, well, we'll just let people know in our review.

Here's the letter I wrote and Hubs sent:

Dear (Owner),

Thank you for the use of your property and for calling an exterminator once we informed you of the roach problem. It's understandable that no one was able to come out during our stay as it was outside of normal business hours.

However, it was a grave inconvenience and major source of stress to know that there were visibleh larvae and eggs burrowed in the carpet of the room we slept in, regardless of whether anyone slept in the closet or not - as my wife mentioned on the phone, I later found several eggs just outside of the walk-in upstairs closet. It was especially stressful because we have a young child who is very susceptible to the diseases these insects carry because he is so young. It is unfortunate that your pest control company was unable to prevent this from happening.

It is our hope to resolve this as quickly and simply as possible and to leave positive feedback on Therefore, as we were unable to secure another location, we request a refund of $200 for the inconvenience. We would expect this of any hotel, especially since there is food in the kitchen.

Please respond at your convenience.

She wrote back to Hubs a few days later and said no dice.

So I left a review. Homeaway wrote back an automated letter saying it would review it to see if it was consistent with their guidelines and get back to me.

Today they wrote back with this.

Dear Customer,
We received correspondence from the owner that shows a threat made by you to submit a negative review if compensation was not received.

Our Content Guidelines state that “Users cannot post a review or response for the purpose of trying to force an owner or a traveler to do something that the user wants him or her to do. The reviews are for the benefit of future travelers, not to allow one party to threaten the other.”

Our reviews system is not a venue for guests to recover funds from owners. In light of the correspondence received, your review has been removed, and you are no longer eligible to submit a review for this property.
If you need further assistance, please feel free to visit our Help site at:

Thank you for using HomeAway— the world's most trusted online vacation rental marketplace.

So I've been back and forth with them, being addressed as "Dear Customer" in each email. I finally told them that I'd appreciate being addressed by my name instead of "Customer". But apparently, they cannot see my name from my emails. Whatever.
If others believe I was coercing her to give us money from my letter, I really don't want to hear it, if you don't mind. I just need to get this out on paper.

Edit: Hubs spoke with a "senior personnel" yesterday. He (the manager) read our letter and agreed, verbally, that there is no coercion or threat in our letter. But he was powerless go do anything. Nice.

If you'd like to see a video of the worms crawling out of the carpet for your entertainment, have at it.

partitas, this is what you should do

excerpted from today's News of the Weird:

Sweet Justice!

* (1) Josie Medlock, 59, imprisoned two home improvement
contract workers and two supervisors in her home in East Dene,
England, in December and refused to let them out until they
promised to finish her kitchen remodeling by Christmas. A local
government mediator worked out a compromise, according to
London's The Sun.

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3 things have happened that always signal a change of season.

1. i shaved my legs.
2. i started shopping for cheap, used spring clothes.  this time i'm looking for red shoes to match my red Guess purse that i bought at Ross for $15.
3. i bought nail polish to paint my toes.

yay, it's warm again!

and i am also getting around to updating my horrible out of date and embarrassing website.  i have a new system and new url,  all that remains is attach a picture and make the old url redirect to the new one.  which randy will take care of.  we spent time bonding last night over geeky computer activities in which he showed me the new system he set up for me and how to edit.

the new site looks very antiseptic and i put very little energy into editing, mostly removing references to other genres of music.  i finally faced reality and realized that i don't teach other genres a few years ago.  since i'm actively seeking employment, i just don't care and will probably not renew it in 08.

i realized that i still am entitled to use UT's College of Fine Arts Career Services as an alumni.  i will go on tuesday morning for some resume work.

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Jul. 13th, 2006

my journal is friends-locked. if you want in on the party, let me know.



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